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Servants of Aegir is quite close to being published. All the core gameplay is there. However, it is missing polishing, such as menus, instructions, and balance. It could also use some music and sound effects. Unfortunately, I have very little time, so it might well be a while before it is published. If you want early access, shoot me an email.

Servants of Aegir is progressing well. The game is fairly well implemented. Since last time, almost all the little things that adjust difficulty, save the game, and overall make the game fun to play have been added. I have also overhauled warrior intelligence. Before I release a version, it needs to have menus, tutorials, and other bits of User Interface. I am also working on a few other ideas that are less central to gameplay. (See below)
Servants of Aegir 2

The other thing I am currently working on with it is a sailing stage. In it you will control rowers, sail angle, and the rudder to drive your ships to new lands: the western shore. You will fight storms and lose warriors to a watery death and the halls of Aegir. Currently I’m just going to have sailing be a transportation stage, but it may well grow in importance. You may have to sink fishing boats before they can bring word of the raid, or even fight enemy warships.

Currently, all that’s implemented for sailing is being able to adjust the sail angle, which changes your speed. This was done quite dynamically, so that it will still work even after I implement ship steering.

I’m currently working on a new RTS game: Servants of Aegir.
Servants of Aegir 1


In it you sail your crew to pillage rich towns. You can give your warriors orders of where to go, flanking the enemy, or tell them to loot buildings. It is fully 3d.

Currently it’s about 40% done. It’s mostly playable, and almost all the core features are implemented. There are tons of smaller tasks to do, such as saving, calculating the number of enemies, and calculating willing recruits.

I am also planning on eventually implementing a sailing stage, where you will have to battle storms. Upgrades to your ship is also another possibility.