Kai Marshland

Marshland Games consists of me, Kai Marshland. However, I only do programming. I either purchase assets or work with a pair of 3d-modelers. I usually get music here.

A bit about Kai Marshland

Kai Marshland

My day job is over at POWr Plugins, where I mostly work in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, with a splash of HTML and CSS on the side. I’ve also done work for Carrotmob, The Spring, Comisery, and Children’s Mercy Hospital.

I started Marshland Games as a hobby back in high school in order to teach myself to code. For games, I work in C# with Unity.

You can check out kaimarshland.com for more information about my work experience and skills, but I’m skilled in fullstack development in addition to my experience with games.

I study computer science at Stanford.

How do I contact you?

Send me an email at kaimarsh@stanford.edu